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The Original site has been taken down due to the investor backing out last minute. There will be no trip. Not yet anyway.

This site was the subject of a viral marketing campaign promoting one of the world's greatest travel jobs. When the investors backed out of the promotion last minute, the site had to be shut down. However, there are backlinks for this site everywhere..

Yahoo Site explorer

- Google has removed it's backlinks because the domain switched to Adsense for Domains for a short period of time.

- The site was #3 on Google for the Term "Travel Jobs" and can easily be brought back to it with the amount of backlinks present.

- There are a TON of videos on Youtube related to THIS website. Here is a search.

- Auction also includes this facebook group

Travel Jobs

Go ahead and do your own research. You will find an abundance of .edu links because the site was started by a student at Wayne State University. There are mentions of the site all over the place, that you won't find because they arent actual links. Look around, then come back and bid!